Hi Darling! Welcome to my portfolio website 🙂

I’ve been working over a decade as a model and actress and I feel grateful for all the beautiful projects and people that decided to work with me.

Are you interested to collab? Let me share a bit more about my vision to make sure it’s the right fit and honest presentation!

Fashion is an awesome way to express yourself I think and I am a big fan of handmade artisian work, boutique shops, sustainable and innovative brands, ecological and ethical responsible products, natural fabrics and I believe in the slow fashion concept. I am not interested in any low quality, polluting, fast fashion products.

Acting has got my interest since I was a kid and it’s still something I fancy. I studied theatre and after getting my degrees my focus was on film. I am experienced in commercial, musicvideo, soapserie and movie acting.
The most important part for me is to work in an uplifting and safe environment where everyone on set is committed to get the best out of each other’s creativity for the best end results. Film is a craft that matters but also play should be fun! if you agree, I am in 🙂

I decided to take on this journey freelance, which means I am not exclusive represented, but you can book me indirect via several agencies or book my direct by shooting me an email : info@farriedasmit.com / Farrieda.at.work@gmail.com

I want to thank you for dropping by and showing your interest.

Leave me a note, shine bright. X – O

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  • Bestsellerboy -series
  • De Marokkaanse Bruiloft – Bios
  • AIDAN – short movie
  • B12 – Short movie
  • Amsterdam Ave – Amazone serie
  • Models in Cape Town – RTL5
  • Brugklas de serie – Zapp Npo3
  • Mensenkennis – SBS6 Talpa
  • Cirkels – Short movie
  • Liefdevol – webserie


  • Zola wedding – 2022
  • Getir – 2022
  • Mobilo 2022
  • Philips Lumea 2022
  • Mitsubishi – Australia 2021
  • Ampol – Australia 2021
  • KFC – U.S. 2021
  • Samsung Australia 2020
  • TJX – U.S. 2020
  • Zelle – U.S. 2020
  • Playstation commercial
  • Albertheijn commercial
  • Radio 538 zomer campagne
  • cosmopolitan x triumph
  • newyork pizza commercial
  • Philips ambilight commercial


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